The elementary school (grades 1–6) has approximately 400 students. The students’ ages are between 7 and 12. The students are taught by class teachers and, in some subjects, by subject teachers. Some of the classes have an emphasis on music, where the students study music more than the other classes, and music is also integrated into other subjects. Our elementary school offers a wide range of languages to study, e.g., English, German, or French, in addition to Swedish, which is compulsory.

The junior high school (grades 7–9) has approximately 300 students. The students’ ages are between 13 and 16. Because we offer studies in specialized areas, students from other areas around Tampere also apply to our school.

The Teacher Training School trains future teachers in a very structured way. Administratively, the school is part of the Tampere University Faculty of Education and Culture. In all other respects, the school enjoys great independence. There are 900 students in the Teacher Training School, and every year around 300 student teachers complete their training at this institution.
In our school are classes that are studying music more than other classes so music is a big part of our daily life. We’d like to be part of the project so that we can make contacts around Europe and share our knowledge and, at the same time, learn more. We are motivated to participate in projects that aim to address environmental matters and let us learn more and get new ideas for our school’s sustainable development. In our school, we have a year’s theme that is taking care of our environment, so the subject is very current.

The contact person in Tampere is Pipsa Sassila, a music and class teacher and also a teacher’s educator. If there is any need, several teachers are involved in the project, and there is also an international working group in the school that helps to arrange visits and coordinates the school’s Erasmus projects. Other music teachers are also eager to be in the project and help with musical matters. Being a teacher training school, we can share the actions widely working with teacher students. We have a wide knowledge of technology and great equipment to be in touch with other participants.

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