The Istituto Comprensivo ADELE ZARA consists of four primary schools (ages 6-11), four Infant schools (ages 3-5), and two secondary schools (ages 11-14). There are presently 149 teachers and more than 1400 pupils. The schools are situated in a semi-rural area, near the city of Venice. There is an average number of children from ethnic minorities and children with special needs who have got special needs teachers, who work with them in the same classrooms as the other pupils.

Our school’s strengths include strong cooperation among schools, intercultural activities for children coming from different countries, the teaching of English beginning at the age of 5, emphasis on sports and music activities, continuous cooperation between teachers and parents (Parents’ Committee), an expansive library situated within all the schools, welcome activities planned for first-year and for new pupils.

The Istituto Comprensivo ADELE ZARA has a long-standing tradition of international links. We successfully participated in many Comenius and Erasmus+ projects, the first one dating back to 1995. Our school has also been involved in eTwinning projects for more than 10 years and has been awarded European Quality Labels.

Through the school’s involvement in European projects, our teachers have gained immense experience, including language, ICT, and communication skills. In addition, we have experience implementing art and music activities for pupils as well as specific training workshops for teachers.

It’s not unusual for children to be concerned about the environment and climate change; it is important to show them how their actions can affect the world as a whole. This understanding can lead to a sense of ownership of the Earth, and, therefore, a greater sense of responsibility for caring for it even though they are very young.

Climate change and environmental issues can be complicated to explain, especially if you teach young children. In the area, we live in, but especially in the most famous city near our town, Venice, problems connected to climate change, especially floods, are getting more and more visible.

Thanks to this project, we would like to help pupils become aware of the problem and, with the help of music, art, docufilms, research, shows, workshops, meetings, and so on so forth, make them more involved in what is going on in our area but also in the countries that will be involved in the Project.

While our choices alone aren’t enough to fix the problem, we do hope that children will start to think of it and try to change something in their daily life.

Lucia Roncarati is the key person running the project with the help of Stefano Zolli and Roberta Cazzaro, who will take over Lucia’s post in case she leaves her post. Ms. Roncarati has been working in European Projects for more than 10 years. She has experience in organizing meetings and specific workshops.

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