In order to write the lyrics to our common song, students from every school suggested their ideas on paper. The final lyrics were formulated by CEIP Maximiliano Gil Melián and Istituto Comprensivo Statale ADELE ZARA with the help of their musicians, Leo and Andrea and are the following:

Today the Beauty of the Earth is
such a good gift but so fragile.
You all claim for clean air to breathe and
crystal water to drink all day.
One doesn’t think that pollution
Can change the climate and our future.
Our new role will be “Green” magicians!
We cast a spell on your welcoming hearts.
From now on you can play a new sound
With sensitivity, in harmony.
And day by day the smile of Nature
Will be brightly shining everywhere.
Is our message getting through?
The Rhythm of our green hearts will change the rules. Let it be!
Because the Earth is
such a treasure and every stone or plant
Water or living being
deserve to be loved.
Is our message getting through?
Sing with joy and dance Sing the Beauty and Joy of this wonderful world
Such a beautiful gift in our hands.
That’s the world!


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