Core Objectives

The main objectives that drive our project

Environment and Climate Change

We want to help students, teachers and parents realize the problems connected to climate change and their global character in an original and engaging way.

STEAM activities for Climate

Students will be introduced to basic scientific concepts, theories, and projections of climate change and should learn to base their assumptions on evidence and scientific data and strengthen their inquiry skills.

Renewable Energy

We want to strengthen the knowledge of renewable energy sources and their benefits and drawbacks as opposed to traditional carbon-based energy sources.

Recycling and reusing

We consider that it is important for everyone to understand the carbon footprint of human activities and taking it into account when making lifestyle choices


We want to strengthen the cooperation between our schools and local communities and help students, teachers and parents understand that climate change affects humanity as a whole.

Innovative education materials

We are also aiming to produce and evaluate innovative teaching approaches to integrate quality climate change education for sustainable development in school education through interdisciplinary practices, STEM and whole-school approach.

We feel that it is important to integrate climate change and the environment in education in a transdisciplinary manner into existing subject areas such as science and STEM, citizenship education, geography, human rights education, and language courses. We also feel that through cooperation, shared projects and exchange of good practices between schools from different communities, each one with its own environmental issues, we can achieve more towards the awareness of our common and interconnected future on the planet.

Full list of scheduled activities

Recent activities